What is early care/ intervention?

Early care is provided to children from birth to 7 years of age. Parents can contact EDUCO and establish a relationship whenever they feel it necessary during this period of time. The early care service is provided in the form of home visits, i.e. the consultant visits the family with the parent and his/ her child at their home or in an environment natural for the child.

EDUCO is a non-profit non-governmental organization which is authorized to provide social services to the extent specified by law No.108 / 2006 On Social Services, § 54, by generally binding regulations and by other internal regulations. The service provided is free of charge.

EDUCO’s mission is to provide professional assistance and support to families with children with disabilities from birth to 7 years of age. We help children and their families in their natural environment, in order to strengthen their autonomy and independence from social assistance. We operate in the county of Zlin.

How do partnerships with the experts work?

The Centre for Early Care EDUCO Zlín z.s. cooperates with partners from the departments of health, education and other social services. This primarily means neurologists, pediatricians, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, special educators and teachers & assistants at nurseries, kindergartens and elementary schools. EDUCO always adapts to the situations and the needs of the families.

EDUCO is an accredited workplace for the Basal stimulation method and it bears the guarantee of the Association of Early Intervention Czech Republic, which confirms the quality of early care services.

Team Around the Child Method

The Centre of Early Care EDUCO Zlín started using a new method of an interdisciplinary collaboration called Team Around the Child in 2017. EDUCO adopted this method from Peter Limbrick from the UK and continue developing and adapting it to meet the needs of Czechs. EDUCO offers the Team Around the Child approach to families with children with disabilities. The method has received excellent feedback from families and professionals. It is a successful and enriching experience and all of EDUCO’s consultants would like to spread it and make it accessible to as many families as possible.

The Team Around the Child makes a special connection between the professionals from health, education and social services. The consultant brings together professionals from all three sectors, along with the parents, to a round-table meeting. The magic of this method is to organize a meeting of parents and professionals who jointly draw up the support plan for the child.

EDUCO launched the Team Around the Child method as a pilot project in 2017. The parents who have been involved so far appreciate its comprehensive approach. “I returned home after the Team Around the Child first meeting, taking with me a more complete picture of what I could do with my son. It was a deeply reassuring experience. It was great to sit at a table with all the professionals we visit and hear the information in its complexity,” said little Honzik’s mother after the TAC meeting.

Experience of the professionals with TAC

The Team Around the Child method was launched by EDUCO as a pilot project in 2017. It has been receiving very positive feedback from both parents and professionals since the very beginning. We have received feedback from several professionals:

Special education teacher Petra Slováková
Special Educational Centre in Zlín

„I consider the Team Around the Child a unique and spectacular project, a possible tool for supporting families with children with disabilities in their often difficult situation. Applying this method gives us the opportunity to express support, offer different support measures and help promote a better life for the family and their children.“