Jana Čelůstková - EDUCO

Jana Čelůstková


My name is Jana and I work as one of EDUCO early interventionists since 2006. I have a weakness for my job at EDUCO as it represents an absolute fulfilment of my professional life. I am glad that I can share the path towards the professionalisation of our services together with my colleagues in our team. I enjoy the diversity of every day, the flexibility in working with different clients and the opportunity to focus on personal development. I accepted the offer to become the centre’s methodology specialist in the autumn of 2018. I encounter many different needs in children when I work with the families as an advisor. I work with children with combined disabilities, birth defects or rare diseases, children with Down syndrome and children with autism spectrum disorder. The children with autism are a great challenge for me and they inspire me to further expand my expertise. When I am working with clients, I learn how important it is to build a solid relationship based on trust, security and optimism for both parties.

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