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Let your gift put a smile on the faces of children who have not had an easy start to their lives. Together with you, we can find undiscovered joy.

Dítě, raná péče - EDUCO

Did you know that in 2019 …

… EDUCO had a capacity of

client families

… The consultants drove on their way to families


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References from donors

Ms. Helena

“Thank you for everything you do for all the families with children who have disabilities.“

Mrs. Kateřina

„Thank you for the work you do for children. I deeply appreciate this.“

Mr. Jiří

„This is a gift to pay for your activities, I strongly believe that you will use it properly.“

Mrs. Jana

„I have been considering helping the needy for a long time. I am a grandmother of a 5-year-old girl and I am expecting the birth of my grandson. I know I am lucky, having a healthy grandchild and I know that it should not be taken for granted. The amount I’ve decided to contribute regularly is not high, but I can easily manage without it and even if it represents just a little help, I have a good feeling (which money cannot buy). Thank you for your work.“

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Fundraising Code of Ethics

The Centre of Early Care EDUCO Zlín z.s. subscribes to a code of ethical fundraising and follows the principles listed on the website of the Czech Fundraising Centre here. Our organization appreciates the support of all our donors for their financial help for the Early Intervention of the families with children with disabilities.